Basic structure of Guia

Guia provides access to almost all common WPF-controls (over 24) and is easily extensible. For that purpose Guia offers a representation of every WPF-control in the form of a wrapper-class. Every wrapper-class provides access to its control-specific properties. Furthermore it provides methods which enable you to simulate user-interactions of this particular control.

In general a GUI is built hierarchically. Therefore Guia is designed in a similar way. On every level (so on every UI-element in Guia) there is the possibility to search for its child-elements. Every search process can be defined through various search-conditions. For example you can search by the automation-id, name, type or the class name. Search conditions can also be combined together.

A built-in configuration enables you to deal with language-specific search conditions. So the given system language becomes transparent for the test-execution.

If desired you can also get access to all functionality of the Automation Framework behind at every time. This can be useful to automate user-specific controls or not yet implemented controls of the .NET framework.

Now you should be ready to get started with some coding. Therefore the Tutorial is recommended. A complete documentation of the Guia classes can be found in the API-documentation.

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