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by TrevorCox
Jan 19, 2012
12:08 AM

Being evaluated

DataGrid_ListView assumes a class name of "ListView". However, in Windows Forms applications your class name may be a much longer string, like
"". I've added a static function that allows you to override the class name, or set it to Null so that
this won't be a search criteria.


by JohanOlsson
Jul 13, 2010
1:06 PM



I am left handed, have the mouse on the left side of my keyboard and have swapped the buttons on the mouse. (ControlPanel -> Mouse -> Buttons Tab).
So, if I want to make a 'right-click' I actually press the left button on the mouse. I like to think about clicking in terms of 'index finger' and 'middle finger' click, not left and right click.

Anyways, If I call 'ClickLeft' on an UiElement the system actually sends a MOUSE_RIGHT. This breaks the unit tests on my machine. My collegue who is right handed has no problems.
I changed the MouseHelper class to look up if the buttons are swapped before sending the mouse event and this solved the problem.
Please see my patch

Johan Olsson

Applied Jul 19, 2010: Fixes a problem that occurred when the mouse buttons were swapped (left hand mouse),


by JohanOlsson
Jul 13, 2010
12:52 PM


Hi Guys!

I guess you are running on German versions of Windows. I can't run the unit test for Guia. It fails because you have some hard coded dates and other strings in a format my machine don't recognise.
To fix it I changed the unit test to be independant of what culture the test is running under.

Please se my patch.

Johan Olsson

Applied Jul 19, 2010: The patch fixes some internationalization problems regarding the unit tests. Thanks to Johan Olsson!


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