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Guia - Automate and test your graphical user interface with ease

Guia (Graphical User Interface Automation) supports the automation of WPF applications. It is based upon the UI Automation framework of .NET but provides a more user-friendly and for the use in unit-tests optimised interface. The Library allows access to, and remote control of, miscellaneous WPF-components in an easy and comfortable way. A distinctive feature is the possibility to directly run and test WPF windows and user-controls, without the need for a previously created executable application (EXE file). This enables the writing of test cases during development and thus to pursue a test driven approach in a consequent manner.
Guia provides support for almost all current WPF-controls (over 24) and is easily extensible. It is compatible with all established unit-test frameworks like MSTest and NUnit and can be used with them.
Therefore it can be used very well for automated UI testing.


  • Automate complete applications (WPF, WinForm, Java SWT)
  • Directly automate WPF Windows and UserControls, without the need of an previously created executable application
  • User-friendly and for the use in unit-tests optimized interface
  • Supports over 24 controls
  • Easily extensible
  • Can be used with all established unit-test frameworks (NUNit, MSTest, ...)

For more detailed information you ought check out some examples in the documentation part.

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